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PS Wellness is a wellness facility that will deliver a holistic and sustainable approach to wellness for our communities and the environment. The PS way will be to offer the following wellness elements under one resource efficient and ecologically sound roof: Mental Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Remedial/Therapeutic Bodywork, Spa Treatments. Core to our value proposition is to become self-sufficient and sustainable and to that end we look to fulfil our long-term aim of embracing circular economy principles. 

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Wellness done well

The Space

The facility is an architecturally designed space; a concept and build unique to Scotland. The architecture that houses our wellness practices will deliver not simply sustainable and regenerative environmental solutions but integrate wellness strategies that deliver experiences with meaningful impact. Our sustainability will adapt and grow to include not only our member' wellness and that of the environment's, but also the local community, the personal and professional development of local small businesses and entrepreneurs, community and charitable connections, apprenticeships and educational opportunities. At PS Wellness we will create a wellness eco-system; a community of staff, members and collaborators who will be motivated and encouraged to learn and develop one's own wellness knowledge.

Ethical & Credible

Meet The Team

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Pamela Griffin

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Pamela is a Co-Founder and Director of PS Wellness. She has over 16 years' experience in the spa and wellness industry with her expertise coming from professional skincare brand sales, marketing and business development. 

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Lynsey Mackenzie

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Lynsey is a Co-Founder and Director of PS Wellness. She is a massage practitioner with 17 years' experience, specialising in sporting injuries, complex chronic pain conditions, and enabling musculo-skeletal mobility using advanced techniques. 

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